Why Duchesne?

  • Booming Town: In the growing town of Duchesne which includes major event center, rodeo grounds, and great new school.
  • Affordability: Very affordable area with low cost of living.
  • Climate:  Attractive climate with 4 true seasons.
  • Shopping :  Grocery stores, restaurants, fast food, and more.
  • Jobs and Technology: Gigabit internet technology and high-paying oil field jobs throughout the area!
  • Water, Water Everywhere: 500 springs, streams, & rivers in area, and Starvation Reservoir, with boating & fishing, is just north of town. Duchesne River, a clear trout stream, flows through town.
  • Recreational Activities: An outdoorsman’s dream with recreational activities, including snowmobiling, skiing, hunting, fishing, 4-wheeling, hiking, horseback riding, boating, and more
  • Hunting: Excellent big game hunting in northeast Utah for elk, mule deer, antelope, and even bison

Utilities, Roads, Safety and More!

  • Water and Utilities: City water is on each Mini Ranch property. Other utilities available include propane gas, electricity, trash, septic, TV.
  • Accessibility:  Accessible by state highway with county roads throughout the subdivision!
  • Safety:  Subdivision covered by local fire and police departments.  With city water access, this area has a higher fire safety level than the other ranches in the area without water!
  • Moon Lake Electricity at all properties in the Mini Ranch development and other utilities include:
    Gas: Propane gas available.  FerrellGas Propane Supplier.
    Septic: All properties percolated, including land in UMR, DRM, except 500 acre deal.
    Water: South Duchesne Culinary Water Inc.  Water flow tested at 900 gallons/minute.  Maintains state mandated ratings.
    TV/Internet: Dish is required, including Direct TV and other major companies available.
    Safety: City Fire Department and Police monitor all properties in Mini Ranch development.
    UPS/FedEx/Amazon/USPS: All deliver as usual. Even have Amazon Two Day Prime Delivery Available.


Duchesne city and the surrounding area is served by three organized churches.

  • The First Baptist Church is located at 592 East 400 South.
  • The Catholic Church has a small mission office on West Main Street. The Blessed Kateri Tekakwitha mission is under direction of the Saint Helen Parish in Roosevelt, Utah.
  • The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saintshas two chapels located at 130 South 300 East and 901 North 500 East.

Employer Industries

  • Oil: In 1948 oil was found in the Uinta Basin but not developed until the early 1970s. Duchesne city is located in the area of vast oil and natural gas reserves spanning the northeast corner of Utah and extending into western Colorado. As prices for crude rise, oil industry jobs open up in the town. Duchesne has had a long history of providing housing for oil field workers, with rentals in high demand during times of energy exploration and production.
  • Water: Duchesne has benefited from the water resources of the Duchesne and Strawberry rivers that flow close to the town. The Central Utah Project was active in the area for 20 years and provided good jobs from 1967 to 1987. A recent expansion to the water treatment plant northwest of town will start supplying culinary water to the community of Roosevelt some 30 miles away.
  • Manufacturing: Duchesne is home to a number of heavy machine and steel manufacturers. A wide variety of products and parts are manufactured in town.
  • Agriculture: Agriculture has always been a mainstay for many Duchesne residents and surrounding communities. The abundant water resources in the area provide irrigation for large hayfields on ranches surrounding the town. The vast amount of federally owned and leased lands have given cattle ranchers and sheep ranchers good grazing for over 120 years in the area.
  • Tourism: Duchesne has always been rich in its rugged beauty and tourism. Thousands are drawn during and warmer months to enjoy boating on Starvation Reservoir, fishing on the Strawberry and Duchesne rivers, and camping in the High Uintas.

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